Recruitment process

In Singapore, all briefing sessions were carried out in English from IMT local teams. Singapore is a multi-cultural country regrouping several ethnic groups speaking (sometimes, especially for older adults) different languages or dialects. To address this issue, local partners such as academic partners helped in translating the speech in real-time into Mandarin and Hokkien, some help also was needed with Malay and Tamil very occasionally.

In order to enlarge the audience of the project to the research community and industry players, numerous events and briefing sessions were organized to share about the project at its local scale and internationally. Also, some panel sessions were organized during workshops and official events in order to seek for local partners and facilitators (e.g. grassroots leader, town council representatives, governmental agencies). In Singapore an important part of the ground work was to connect with already in-place local stakeholders and advertise on the on-going activities during the different progress steps. When it comes to local deployment, an in-depth work was carried out to understand local challenges. A clear mapping of the neighbourhood was created including Places of Interests (topography of social activities), recognized elected representatives and exercising social services. For example, the town council was identified to connect with local residents and social services (community clubs, senior activity centers, services).