Recruitment process

Several recruitment and presentation sessions were organized to explain the project and its objectives and enroll interested persons in the experiment. Recruitment sessions were organized on IMT campus. Paris pilot started gradually its deployments around district 13 and 14. IMT campus being based in both these areas of Paris, recruitment started early with the internal teams of involved partners (across departments), recruitment of local teams and deployments of volunteers (group of MSc students and PhDs). Different strategies were carried out and participants and local partners were selected from the pilot team.

A number of volunteers interested in the project have been enrolled, from secondary students, to staff and institutions volunteer. Bi-monthly presentations and project briefing have been organized to enroll participants individually. An awareness video about the global threat of diabetes and asthma, mainly in the five cities included in the project and the role of PULSE project in preventing such risk was prepared by Paris pilot site. Engagement and awareness sessions were organized and followed up by local partners.