New York City Initiatives

New York City promotes various activities open to citizens in order to promote healthy habits. It also tries to increase citizens’ awareness of environmental pollution and the habits that generate it.  Some initiatives focus on active citizen participation

Smoke-Free NYC

This program uses policy, advocacy and education to reduce tobacco use and change community norms related to tobacco use in NYC.

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

NYC Healthy Neighborhood Program provides free home assessments to identify asthma triggers in the home and helping find ways to avoid them.


Community health workers meet with people in their home to help them create a personalized plan to promote household health, with a focus on asthma and diabetes.

Shop Healthy

this program aims to increase the consumption of healthy foods and beverages by providing technical support to community-based food retail outlets related to advertising and selling healthy options.


mobilizes low-income communities of color to advocate for environmental justice, with a focus on improvements in air quality and reduced air pollution.

Green Carts NYC

Some NYC neighborhoods have greater access to healthy foods than others. This program provides permits to entrepreneurs to sell fresh fruits and vegetables with the goal of increasing access to healthy foods in communities with disproportionately high rates of diabetes.

Shape Up NYC

Funded and managed through the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Shape Up NYC provides free exercise classes, ranging from Zumba to Yoga, at locations throughout the city.

WorkWell Diabetes Prevention Program

An evidence-based Diabetes Prevention program for NYC government employees who are pre-diabetic, spanning a variety of agencies (including Departments of: Health and Mental Hygiene, Education, Transpiration; Fire Department and NYC Housing Authority). Participants receive a lifestyle coach that leads discussions focused on preventative behaviors and strategies.

Vision Zero

An effort to improve street safety and eliminate injuries and fatalities caused by motor vehicles, aims to support physical activity by ensuring that New Yorkers feel safe walking and cycling around the city.