Privacy notes about Pulsair

The Pulsair App is connected to the PULSE server that labels all your data to an anonymous code that is automatically generated. Throughout the use of the App, the following information will be stored in your smartphone, and it will be securely sent to server:

This information will be used to create a personalized user profile, which would also allow to better personalize your app functionalities. App personalization will also be made according to your needs/preferences. These data will be used to study possible characterization and evolution of your health status as a function of your behaviours, emotions and health condition and neighbourhood characteristics. Data are processed in two servers that are hosted in the Teralab Facilities

The data owner is Universidad Politecnica de Madrid on behalf of the PULSE Consortium Every city participating to the PULSE pilot will have a local data owner represented by: The Data processors are the following:

All information gathered through the Pulsair app will be used for research purposes exclusively. All the data is anonymized and it will be represented in aggregated way to make impossible the identification of an individual. The user's email will be just used for password restore operation and for technical support and it will be not possible to export or visualized in context different from the technical maintenance.