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PULSE Health In All Policies - Maturity Model (Public)

PULSE HiAP Maturity Scale is an indicator of the extent of HiAP implementation in the local government, based on four key dimensions: structure, funding, health equity awareness, and social participation.

The following questionnaires are about the perceptions on the extent of each of the 4 dimensions aforementioned which are related to Health in All Policies approach carried out in the policy/plan assessed (Tables 4-7). Each questionnaire includes questions which define the five stages of the PULSE maturity scale.

The statements can be answered by ticking/ marking one of the five response categories. The categories represent strongly disagree (- -), disagree (-), neutral or doubtful (+/-), agree (+), and completely agree (++).

These questionnaires will be applied to officers from the all sectors involved in the policy/plan assessed. Respondents must inform age, gender, sector and position, and the plan/policy which is being assessed.

There are 14 questions in this survey.
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